early soybean plant emerging

Early Plant Vigor, Know Your Soybean And Corn Germination Scores

Early plant vigor is a key agronomic variable to consider in selecting hybrids or varieties. Crop emergence — especially in adverse conditions — and stand establishment are fundamental to yield and stand at harvest. Uneven corn emergence, for example, can cause early-season problems as well as yield loss later in the crop year. Final stand is a reflection of how many …

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drone imagery of a corn field with poorly drained soils with standing water.

Don’t Let Poor Soil Drainage Sink Your Yields

Most Midwestern farmers are no strangers to fields that never seem to dry up in the spring and stay damp in the fall, preventing field work. Poor soil drainage is common in the Corn Belt, especially in the “Prairie Pothole” region that spans from Iowa through Minnesota and the Dakotas into Canada. These conditions can be a blessing in a …

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looking down a row of corn plants in corn field during harvest

Corn Stalk Strength Among Highest Plant Breeding Priorities

Diversity of yield trials key to identifying hybrids with optimal stalk strength Corn stalk strength is the foundation of any successful crop, both literally and figuratively. And it’s a key consideration in selecting the right corn hybrids for your farm. Stalks have a fairly simple, but critically important job: Hold the plant up from emergence to harvest. Without strong stalks, …

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yield monitor with crop data being displayed during harvest

Lessons From Your Yield Monitor and Crop Data

How to use crop data from your yield monitor in planning for next year’s crop When the combines roll during the fall harvest, a lot of crop data is flowing in on the yield monitor. It tells the story of your crop year and is valuable in planning ahead for next year’s crop. In addition to providing a window into …

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soybean field in high population

The Right Traits for Plant Populations

Higher corn and soybean plant populations call for these traits to maximize yield potential. From the combine cab, you have a front-row seat to watch the story of your crop’s growing season. Fluctuating numbers on your yield monitor help tell the story of how well you matched your corn and soybean varieties to their growing conditions. You’re taking mental notes …

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soybean sudden death syndrome

Factors Affecting Stress

Disease and pest pressure and water uptake are potentially major yield-limiting factors for corn and soybeans, especially in a year when drought causes added stress on those crops at key points in the growing season like pollination. Stressors like these are inevitable every growing season. From the time a corn or soybean seed is planted, it’s susceptible to damage from …

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sprayer_pre-emergence herbicides

“Start Strong” with Pre-emergence Herbicides

No matter which soybean trait platform you chose to go with from Champion Seed this season, don’t skimp on the pre. Using a pre-emergence herbicide with multiple modes of action and an effective residual is one of the most important factors to a strong start for your soybean fields. Pre-emergence herbicides with residual are the key to kicking off an …

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corn emergence

Importance of Emergence

Each year at planting time, we have the opportunity to set the tone for the entire growing season. Seedling establishment is crucial to the success of the crop. Rapid and consistent emergence will determine the yields that are harvested in the fall. With a perfectly even stand, each corn plant has the best opportunity to produce complete ears and reach …

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COVID-19 Update from Seth & Brett

Dear Customers, Friends and Employees, Just when we thought we’d seen about everything Mother Nature could throw, she’s sure pitched another curve ball over the last month. Like all of you, we’re working to adjust to new procedures to ensure the safety of our customers and employees while adjusting to added changes on the home front too. If there’s been …

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